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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Representation in music videos

The way the artists in our music video are portrayed in the way they dress and how they behave is all influenced by the girl band genre and how easily the main target audience can relate to the characters. The audience most influenced by how the characters in the girl band dress and act are the young females aged around 10-13. We have aimed for a cute style of dress for the main female characters along with quirky style which is common representation in band music videos. The colourful onsie’s and multi-coloured tights reflect how we have appealed to our target audience and also followed in the girly style of outfits commonly found in this genre.

The band the Spice Girls were the first ever girl band where the characters had their own unique style and personality. In previous girl band history all the characters dressed the same and didn’t seem to have their own identity. Each one of our characters has their own unique identity. See post: http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=2781413377890299659#editor/target=post;postID=4718168981448311473

This gives them I way to have their own unique presence within the music video as they keep to their own personality indicated by their specific colour and temperament.

Other aspects of the video also where included to keep that youthful, fun and sweet vibe. This included the use of glitter, bubbles, pink and white balloons, feathers and pillow fights. These are all signifiers aimed towards a younger audience appreciated by the young, girly and innocent individual. The bright lighting used to highlight the girl’s faces is also a common feature in pop videos to bring out the glamouress aspect to the video.  

The cheeky and fun shots of the girls smiling, winking and laughing towards the camera invites the audience in to almost have as much fun as they girls are having at that moment in time. We have used a lot of shots of the girls looking straight into the camera, which makes the audience feel more involved with the video and the characters portrayed. This is a common feature found in music videos.

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