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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Scream - Michael Jackson

Song: Scream
Artist: Michael and Janet Jackson
Year of release: 1995
Director: Mark Romanek
Genre: R&B, pop

Characteristics: Black and white, manga, space ship, studs, black PVC, artwork, sculptures
Relationship between lyrics and visuals: the lyrics at the start of the video are quite angry and powerful, which is reflected in Michael and Janet’s facial expressions and body movements especially when Michael sings ‘these lies are disgusting’. When Michael sings about confusion the video is edited to make the viewer feel confused, with the rotating camera lens and Janet and Michael walking up the walls, and lying on the ceiling etc. ‘you make me wanna scream’ lyrics is visualised in the video by Janet and Michael clasping their hands over their ears screaming. An edited shake on the clip makes the clip seem even more confusing.
Relationship between music and visuals: the start of the music video begins with the sound of buzzing electrics, fusing of technical equipment and a high pitched sound like the boiling of a kettle. The visuals in the music video match this sound as the space ship is switching on and all the electrics are beginning to start. As the beat to the song picks up Michael and Janet start dancing around the crazy, white space ship. The screaming sounds reflect on how strange the music video is, with Michael running up walls and dancing on ceilings. The music gets much more quite and Janet whispers her words as Michael sits on a mat doing yoga.
Close up of artists: there are close ups of Michael and Janet at different points in the video. Such as when they are sat in the space ships pods at different points during the video.

Performance based: Michael and Janet Jackson are dancing around an extravagant spaceship. Their dance moves reflect their crazy behaviour. The spaceship includes a gallery which contains very famous and expensive pieces of work and sculptures by famous artists. This is one of the main reasons this music video is one of the most expensive of all time. The music video ends with the two going crazy and screaming because of the weirdness of the spaceship with reflects their crazy lives.

Youtube hits: 21 million

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