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Sunday, 4 September 2011

All the Small Things - Blink-182

Song: All the Small Things
Artist: Blink – 182
Year of release: 2000

Genre: pop, punk

Characteristics: live audience, dance studio, arena, airport, beach, fans.

Relationship between lyrics and visuals: the song is written by Tom DeLonge who initially wrote the song about his girlfriend (later wife). The lyric ‘roses by the stairs’ was inspired by a real night where DeLonge came home from recording to find roses laying at the top of the stairs. The lyric ‘you’ll be at my show’ is reflected in the music video as the fans in the audience are all mainly female. 
Relationship between music and visuals: the song begins with the introduction of a band playing the guitar and drums at a fast pace. The video also includes fast pace shots of the band playing their instruments in a studio and underground arena. The same beat continues throughout the song, towards the middle of the song the beat slows down, with this the pace of the music video also slows down along with the music.
Close ups: there are a few close up of the artists which include their face’s singing and also to show their missing teeth/ fake teeth, which ads to the humour element of the video. Other close ups include the screaming fans in the audience, and of the bands body’s.
Performance based: the video is performance based as it involves the members of Blink182 singing and dancing around different sets and locations. The humour aspect is added to the music video as the boys from the band wear false teeth and/or black marks on their teeth to make it appear that teeth are missing. The male members also appear naked on a beach, wear nothing but their underwear on stage and eat flowers in parts of the video. This idea makes the artists appear a bit crazy and odd which can be a good thing for a brand image. The video does not appear to have storyline, but mainly a group of ideas.

 Youtube hits: 25 million

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