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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Digipak research

Digipaks typically are paperboard or card gatefolds, with plastic trays inside to hold a CD and sometimes also a DVD. They are a remake of dual cases, all plastic cases, and are more environmentally friendly, lighter and simply nicer to look at as they are not 'bulky'.

They became popular in the early 2000's because of this and are getting more and more popular. Many places use them for advertising such as a personal experience i had of walking through Leeds City centre and people were handing out digipaks to advertise the night club Oceana which consisted of a CD with a mix of music that is played and a DVD.

I have been researching into how we are going to make our digipak and so i went onto google images and found this instruction picture - this is the style of digipak we are going to be making.

So far we have the idea of having a war hole effect on the cover of the digipak, there will be 5 images, one of each girl and they will be looking towards another band member in another image.

This is an example of a warhole effect on Maralyn Monroe but we will have five pictures, so one in the middle, and each girl will be in the pictures rather than a copy of one picture. This is only our first idea so we are hoping that we can come up with more different ideas for the cover, inside is going to be completely different though and we will have a different theme such as black and white with pictures of the girls in suits and hats - a bit of a 'mafia' look.

This is Rhianna's recent album 'Loud' and this is her digipak for it - she has the same picture on the cover as she does on her jual case but her inside of the digipak is a lot more interesting and eye grabbing to people buying this product as there is an attractive picture on the inside of Rhianna and her CD's have a print of a rose on them. This is also a DVD which comes with the digipak so this also attracts people as they are getting more than just a CD in an environmental friendly, light case.

With this perticular digipak a poster was available which is a picture of the album's cover

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  1. again: yours or FHs? who spelt 'war hole'?!
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