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Friday, 2 September 2011

Sound Of The Underground - Girls Aloud

Song: Sound of the underground
Artist: Girls aloud
Year of release: 2003
Genre: Pop, dance pop

Characteristics: Dark, electric guitars, cage, underground train platform, un-glamouress, crop tops and heavy make up.
Relationship between lyrics and visuals: the chorus ‘sound of the underground’ is the main aspect to the music video, as the band members all sing in a grotty underground train station. The metal cage the band members are singing in throughout the music video also portrays the dull, dark and neglected area the underground train station is. ‘waters running in the wrong direction’ lyric is portrayed in the music video through water dripping off a dirty light bulb in reverse from the underground station.  
Relationship between music and visuals: the song starts with electric guitars and then the tempo and the beat increases, and becomes more sharp and edgy. The visuals to the music video match up to the sharp and fast beat of the song as the band members are collectively singing in what appears a dark and dreary cage in a underground tunnel. The drum beat slows down whilst the girls sing the verses around different parts of the underground and the beat then picks up again when they sing the chorus in their cage.
Close up of artists: there is no major close ups of the artists as the main type of shop is a medium shot with the girls torso included in the shot. The only major close up in the entire video is that of the light bulb dripping water, which focuses on the lyric, waters running in the wrong direction.
Performance based: as there is no real plot or concept to this video, it is mainly performance based. This is because the girls are performing in a dirty underground station, in black and cheap looking clothing. Along with their heavy, dark eye makeup, the whole image is portrayed of the band as being quite dark, sexy and mysterious. The whole music video contrasts highly with other female groups videos, as the norm is very glamouress and perfect, which this video is not.
Youtube hits: 1 million

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  1. I'd leave some further thoughts and comments, as I have on many other blogs, but you haven't provided the actual vid to see!!!
    Have a look at Rob's blog, and try to follow the layout/multimedia of his posts (and/or those highlighted on my blog) - see http://robsa2mediaigs.blogspot.com/



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