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Friday, 2 September 2011

Hey Ya! - OutKast

Song: Hey Ya!
Artist: OutKast
Year of release: 2003
Director: Raymond Wilkins
Genre: alternative hip hop, funk

Characteristics: Live crowd, green, stage, live band, screaming women, 70s, black and white TV
Relationship between lyrics and visuals: the lyrics talk about Andre and about the girl he wants to be in a relationship with but she doesn’t feel the same. The music video focuses on Andre and the multiples of himself performing a concert to a screaming crowd of women. The women are running on to the stage, fainting and going crazy to see OutKast.
Relationship between music and visuals: the music is quite simple and contains an electric guitar, piano and drum kit. There is no edited music and sounds simple which is also reflected in the video, as it is simply eight versions of Andre playing instruments on stage. The loud screaming of girls is playing constantly through the song to get the effect that the performance is live. This drowns out some of the music. Whenever there is clapping in the song, there is also clapping on stage rhythmically with the band playing instruments.  
Close up of artist: there are a couple close ups of the different versions of Andre playing the different band member characters that mainly just show him singing and performing.

Intertexual references: Andre performed the music video in comparisons to The Beatles by mimicking their 1964 performance on The Ed Sullivan Show.  
Concept based: as the band mimickers The Beatles performance of The Ed Sullivan Show the video is mainly concept driven, and has taken the idea of someone else and made it their own.

Youtube hits: 12 million

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