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Friday, 16 March 2012

Pop music video budgets

The pop music video industry if well-known for producing amazing music video sparing no expense for aspects such as props, location, special effects and costume. Some of the most expensive music videos ever produced have been from the pop genre. These include Lady GaGas videos Bad Romance, and the priciest of them all Telephone rumoured to cost over one million US dollars.

The average pop music video costs on average ten thousand US dollars to produce, this was an obvious aspect to us when deciding to create a pop music video. Fortunately these large pop budgets are not so common for band music videos, as female band artists tend to be not as popular as single  pop artists. This was an advantage for us as we don't have thousands of pounds to spend on costume and lighting. We did have to spend a significant amount on mainly costume (around £50 from our own pockets), but was worth the expense as aspects such as the multicoloured tights do look very impressive.

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