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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Girls aloud primary and secondary audience

The key primary audience for Girls Aloud is around the age of 13-22. This is a similar age group for other girl and boy band audiences. The artists tend to focus more of the teenage audience to sell their songs as well as other merchandise. Girls Aloud have branched out to selling merchandise such as cosmetics, their own false eyelash range and hair products. They have also done advertisements for KitKat and Nintendo. All of these products are all aimed at a younger female audience which condones the idea that they advertise themselves to a younger audience of around 15-24. Similar artists who share the same target audience include Katy Perry and Britney Spears who tend to adapt a sweet and cute looking image, but also wear provocative clothing to attract their male audience. Girls Aloud does have male audience that needs to be taken into consideration, however it is not in the majority percentage of audience.

Girls Aloud secondary audience is aimed at a tweenage audience of around 10-12 years old. This age group tends to look up to the artists and sees them as role models, wanting to be like them, act like them, dress like them etc. It is clear from tweenage girl magazines such as Bliss and Shout that artists such as The Saturdays, Rihanna, Katy Perry etc, are heavily advertised with posters being promoted and their everyday lives and celebrity lifestyle also being a focus point to the selling of the artists. Girl groups such as Girls Aloud have an added pressure of being role models to this particular audience as they can be seriously criticised if their image is seen as inappropriate to the younger audience.


  1. badly need some research on whether this is accurate: simple vid task - see past egs + ideas linked on my blog, eg eval posts


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