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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Umbrella - Rihanna

Song: Umbrella
Artist: Rihanna
Year of release: 2007
Director: Chris Applebaum
Genre: contemporary R&B and hip hop

Characteristics: Short, black, latex, revealing outfits worn by dancers and Rihanna. Dark, metalic, smoky, sexy make-up. Props include umbrellas, PVC fingerless gloves, ballet shoes.

Relationship between lyrics and visuals: quite clearly a link between umbrellas in the video and in the lyrics. Lyrically it refers to a romantic and platonic relationship and the strength of that relationship; this is shown through her sensual dancing. Rihanna sings about rain whilst rain is pouring, edited sparks, glitter falling like rain, edited pools of water move with Rihanna whilst she dances. E.g she flicks the water of her body and her hair, avoids waves of water.

Relationship between music and visuals: the music is synchronised well with the choreography and the special effects of the video. E.g. flicks of water and dance movements are edited well with the beat of the song. 

Close up of artist: large amount of close ups on Rihanna’s face and body which focuses in on the stars sex appeal. The camera pans her body which also focuses on her revealing outfit.

Performance based: Rihanna is dancing and wearing revealing costumes which attract attention to her performance. The music video includes edited splashes of water to the R&B singer dancing which adds more interest to the video, making it more entertaining. 
Youtube hits: 43 million

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