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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Better Off Alone - Alice DeeJay

Song: Better Off Alone
Artist: Alice DeeJay
Year of release: 1999


Genre: electronic dance music

Characteristics: Dessert, heat, rocks, sun, Middle East, car breakdown, mirage, dizziness, protagonist male

Relationship between lyrics and visuals: the song doesn’t have many lyrics as it is from the dance genre. So the few lyrics are mainly repeated throughout the song. A woman singes ‘don’t you think you’re better off alone’ and the video displays jump cuts from a man lost in a dessert and a woman sitting at home looking remorseful. The man in the desert looks very small compared with the vast quantities of dessert, which makes him look even lonelier. When the woman sings ‘talk to me’ the lost man in the desert looks like he can hear the voice and is looking to respond, so he can talk to the woman.
Alice Deejay - Gossip Rocks
 Relationship between music and visuals: the song mainly has a techno beat and so contains very few lyrics. The beat of the music is faced paced and has a feel of movement to it. Which works well with the video as the male is travelling in his safari land drover, when the car breaks down the beat changes to a slower paced beat which reflects the males’ mood. The beat changes again as the man walks alone into the desert. The beat is fast paced again, like it was before when he was travelling in the car.
Close up of artist: there are a few close ups of the artist but mainly only shows half of her face, the back of her head, or her hands. You never clearly see the artists face which leaves a mystery to the viewer.
Narrative based: as the man wonders through the desert lost and alone, there are close ups of his broken dog tag necklace. As the mysterious female sits at home she holds the other half to the dog tag lovingly in her hands. As the man feels dizzier he hallucinates himself and this other woman kissing, holding each other. This confirms that at some point these two were in a relationship. The broken dog tag is meant to be significant in the video, as a broken dog tag on a man represents that they have died and the other half is returned to that persons family or partner. So in fact the man in the video is dead and is remembering him and his lover, and the mysterious woman was mourning him.

Youtube hits: 9 million

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