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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Sean Kingston music video

Sean Kingston – Sleep all day and party all night.

The song was officially released on the 21st December 2010 in the US. The music video to the song was released on the 5th December 2010 on to YouTube.
After watching this video in class, we all discussed the good and bad points to this music video.

The bad points are that the music video lacks shot types as it includes either close ups or medium shots. If this music video were to be marked at A2 level it would probably get a basic or even minimal as the shot types do not have a variation.

The reason for the medium shot only being used on the artist is because this is the most flattering shot type when focused on the body. By only including Sean’s head and chest the viewer cannot focus on his body. This is done because Sean is overweight and compared with other stick thin artists and celebrity’s he does not fit in.

The editing in this video is quite lazy and does not appear to be well thought out. This is because the shots seem to follow each other repeatedly and gets quite boring to watch after a while as there is no variety.

The good points to this video are the tracking of the house party shot. This gives a supposed 360 degree rotation of the house. This looks impressive and has creativity. The bubble writing edited onto the video are also quite impressive especially the animation of them moving across the screen. In some of the shots there is a bright blue light which has been edited with lighter opacity so it can blend in well with the actual video. This technique is called layering when two shots are played at once. We can achieve this on Final Cut Express by placing on clip on top of another.
Another good point about this video is the slow motion used in certain points. During the house party scene a girl bursts a balloon and glitter sprinkles out of it. It really like this idea and it is very effective in slow motion. I would want to incorporate this idea into my own music video.

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