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Hello, and welcome to my blog. I am currently studying Media Studies at Ilkley Grammar School at A2 level and this blog will show you everything that I will be looking at this year. Each blog post will be like a piece of work that can be looked at individually. I hope you enjoy looking at my blog as I enjoy posting on it.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Britney Spears Re-make

Music Video Day

In the last term of year 12 the Media Studies department organised a music video day. On this day we attempted to re-make the original song ‘Hit me baby one more time’ by Britney Spears. This day involved shooting all material needed for the day in a short time span of four hours. This proved very difficult as to replicate each scene with the highest detail was challenging and took much longer than expected.
I took on the role as project manager for my group. This involved organising people as to where they needed be and what they were doing. The day started with us all in groups watching the scene we were focusing on replicating and working out shots and dance moves we would have to copy. Later on we practised our miming for the performance of the video.
When we began to film the gym scene I found myself organising the choreography and filming for some of the shots in the same hour and a half. This was very stressful and at times frustrating but overall we got all of the shots we needed for that particular scene.

At the end of the day we imported all the clips we had filmed on to Final Cut Express and watched everyone’s scenes from the music video we filmed in that day. The clips all looked very professional and replicated the shots in the actual music video well. The next week we started editing our section of the Britney Remake and made it as similar to the actual music video as we could.

The end music video looks very much like the original video, especially the editing. The shots are all very well framed and have obviously been filmed with attention to detail.

All in all the day was a great experience and helped all of us involved in the day with our organisation skills and time management. At times the day was stressful but the finished video shows for itself that replicating the music video was a success.

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