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Hello, and welcome to my blog. I am currently studying Media Studies at Ilkley Grammar School at A2 level and this blog will show you everything that I will be looking at this year. Each blog post will be like a piece of work that can be looked at individually. I hope you enjoy looking at my blog as I enjoy posting on it.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Brit Vid. Music video day.

On Tuesday the 12th July was Media Music video day in which we had the task to recreate the 1999 Britney Spears music video, Baby One More Time. We were each assigned a group of which there were four, who were given a different section of the Britney music video to perform and film. Some groups had to collaborate as some scenes needed extras and dancers in the shot.
I was in the group which was assigned the gym scene which included a large amount of shots to complete in a short amount of time. The first hour of the day was used to practise lip synching and to sort out who was performing which part of the scene. The next hour was used to film the shots we needed for our scene. We used a call sheet we had produced the previous week which included the shot type, mise-en-scene, lyrics and duration of the shot.
My original job was to be project manager but as the day went on and time became constricted I took on the parts of choreographer, director and camerawoman at some point in the morning.  This was of coarse very stressful especially when time is working against you. The gym scene included a large range of shots which included high angled shots which was very difficult to produce as we did not posses some of the high-tech equipment used to make modern day music videos. The day was very stressful and quite unorganised at times, but was enjoyable throughout the day. The finished product and impressive range of shot types show are determination to make the music video a success.

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