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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Both. Other Girls Aloud music videos

Girls Aloud, as one of the top and well known girl bands ever have over 200 songs! There are many to choose from but the one that stood out to me was the song Jump - this is the track we are using in our project although I am taking a cheeky little look at other music videos they have produced and why we did not choose the track to them...
Whole lotta history
This song is very slow, we did not want this slow, romantic gesture as it is not that well known and we wanted to make a fun exciting music video! The original video to this is very 'lovey dovey' which is good as it suits the lyrics, as each girl, unlike the other videos have worked on are more upbeat and fun video. This video shows the girls of the band looking miserable, obviously to go with the lyrics but it is not a denotation we need to be inspired by.

Sound of the underground

This song was released in 2003. The chorus ‘sound of the underground’ is the main aspect to the music video, as the band members all sing in a grotty underground train station. The metal cage the band members are singing in throughout the music video also portrays the dull, dark and neglected area the underground train station is. ‘waters running in the wrong direction’ lyric is portrayed in the music video through water dripping off a dirty light bulb in reverse from the underground station.

The song starts with electric guitars and then the tempo and the beat increases, and becomes more sharp and edgy. The visuals to the music video match up to the sharp and fast beat of the song as the band members are collectively singing in what appears a dark and dreary cage in a underground tunnel. The drum beat slows down whilst the girls sing the verses around different parts of the underground and the beat then picks up again when they sing the chorus in their cage. 
This song is as upbeat as the song Jump, but Faye and I thought that Jump would have more relation to the band characters we wanted to use. We also thought the song would be more fun to remake as there were more ideas we could use for this song compared to Sound of the Underground.


  1. title: scanning your archive list lower case 'Both.' is not helpful
    use ALL

  2. they released TWO vids in their entire career? surely you've looked at more than 2 to get a good feel for their 'look' + approach to M.Lang?


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