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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

FH The Band Members

Kimberly Walsh

Kimberly was born in Bradford in 1981. She is a singer-songwriter, model, television presenter and actress. Most well-known for being in the girl band Girls Aloud, Kimberly also fronts the 2009 Autumn/Winter collection for the fashion chain New Look. In July 2010 she also became a presenter on music talk-show, Suck My Pop. She has also had her fair share of acting including appearing in TV shows such as This Is Personal: The Hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper as Gillian Oldfield and starred in a BBC Educational Schools programme called Focus. She has also appeared in films such as St. Trinian's with her fellow band mates and Horrid Henry: The Movie.

Nicola Roberts
Nicola Roberts, a young feisty ginger was born in Lincolnshire, raised in Cheshire. Roberts always felt 'ugly' in the band and felt different to the other band members because she was so pale skinned. In 2008 she started to accept herself and became more confident, and ditched the fake tan for good. After accepting her paleness she went on to create a make-up brand targeting women with paler complexions. She then went on to making a documentary - The truth about tanning. In this she explored with BBC3 how dangerous sunbeds can be. She also did campaigns for skin cancer showing the dangers young women can do to themselves due to sunbeds. Nicola also released her first single ‘Dance to the beat of my drum’ in June of 2011. It debuted at number 27 on the UK Singles Chart.
  Sarah Harding
Sarah as a young child was brought up in more than one place - Berkshire, Surrey and Manchester. She is best known for being one in Girls Aloud, but is also recognised all over the world for different business deals she has accepted, such as advertising campaigns. In May 2009 she was reported to have created a fortune of £29 million sue to record sales and ad campaigns. She is well known in the fashion industry for her ‘funky bob’ hairstyle which has inspired many short, cropped hairstyles.                    She has made her fortune through signing onto deals. Some of these include appearing the St. Trinians film in 2007, in this she played a band member to a famous touring group.
Sarah has also modelled lingerie and signed a contract to advertise the Wii console and Coca-Cola Zero. She was used as a model to advertise Coca-Cola Zero as the drink contains limited amounts of sugar. The idea behind using Sarah is that if you drink this product, you will be as thin as her.

Nadine Coyle
Nadine is a young Irish singer, song writer and model from Derry, Northern Ireland. She had already had her experience of a band – Six, that was the Irish equivalent of Popstars: The Rivals. The band became a hit but then the directors realised the Nadine had only been 16 and that she had lied about her age at the first audition. This forced the organisers of the TV show to stop the band. A few years later she found herself back on TV in the UK version of Popstars: The Rivals this time she was old enough. This time she found herself in another band,
 Girls Aloud. Since the band split Coyle has tried to go solo like her former band members Cheryl and Nicola, but did not have much success. She now owns a small pub in Los Angeles. However she is still spoken about in tabloids with information about her private life, such as who she is currently dating.

Cheryl Cole

One of the most successful girls of the group came from humble begins in a council estate in Newcastle. She got her big break when auditioning for Popstars: The Rivals where the judges were very fond her due to her classicabeauty.                                                                                          The young singer, dancer, and songwriter went on to marry the famous footballer Ashley Cole in 2006, where she changed her name from Cheryl Tweedy to Cheryl Cole. After following the success of Girls Aloud Cheryl decided to go solo, as well as still being in the girl band. She released two albums three words & messy little raindrops, which both reached to number one in the UK.  
Cheryl was also a judge on X factor from 2008 up until the last series of 2010, which she had lef the UK series to go and do America's X factor, this however did not exactly work out. The Americans did not keep her on the panel for long because they could not understand her Geordie accent

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