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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Pop video directors

Syndrome entertainment is a company that designs and directs all sorts of different music videos within different genres. They are a well-known company and have produced music videos for world famous artists such as Eminem, The black eyed peas and Chris Brown.
Famous pop bands Syndrome Entertainment have created music videos for include The Saturdays, JLS, The black eyed peas. They created the video Notorious for the girl band The Saturdays which has heavily influenced my own music video. During the club scene to the video the screen is slit into different sections showing different clips. This is what I intend to do in my club scene.

  Their website:

Phil Griffin if a famous music video director who has worked alongside Girls Aloud as well as other famous artists. He has directed the Girls Aloud music videos Sound of the underground, No good advice and life gets cold. He has also directed music videos for other artists such as the late Amy Winehouse, Adele and Kings of Leon.
Griffin is also known for his photography, documentaries and commercials. His photography includes portraits of pop artists including Britney Spears and Mutya from Sugababes. Griffins’ commercials are focused mainly around the cosmetic and beauty industry, including Max Factor make-up products, Clairol hair products and GHD hair commercials.

These commercials show similarities to the pop genre as they are glamorous with bright lighting and focus on selling their product to enhance a person’s beauty. The pop genre focuses on the beauty of the artists to try to influence their audience. For teenagers they want to be as glamorous as the artist, whilst men are attracted to the artist, and so watch their videos.  


  1. you're tackling at least 2 topics here: a company + 1 director, so title is inaccurate
    read what you've written about dir: what will anyone really learn from this? what have you learned? what research did you undertake? what source/s did you use? if you're addressing directors you need to get into 'their look/style', providing egs - screenshots (which u can use then in Eval + to reference in planning/RCut posts etc), vids + links for blog reader to find out more
    look at HHs post (yet again totally diff date too): http://hattiesmusicvideo.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/1st-ideas-costumes.html

  2. might have ended that last comment with point for FH


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